Information for Lawyers

We provide a range of organized pro bono opportunities for lawyers to serve the public. These include our Summary Legal Advice Program and our Roster Program, as well as our specialized programs. See our Programs page for more details.
APB offers several different pro bono programs and projects to suit volunteer lawyers' schedules, interests and needs. From providing legal advice for two to four hours each month to selecting one or two pro bono representation cases each year, litigators and solicitors alike may choose to volunteer with us in any number of ways.
The Law Society of BC has designated specific pro bono programs as approved for insurance coverage purposes. All deductibles and surcharges are waived for Law Society of BC members in good standing who provide pro bono legal services through these programs.
Pro bono cases administered through the Roster Program and involving poverty law issues can qualify for disbursement coverage paid by APB. Roster lawyers who provide pro bono litigation services on such cases may bill us for the cost of disbursements incurred up to $2500 (or beyond in special circumstances).