Residential Tenancy Program

The Residential Tenancy Program provides legal representation to low-income individuals (qualifying tenants and landlords) appearing before the Residential Tenancy Branch.

The Residential Tenancy  Program offers free legal representation by volunteer lawyers and law students to low-income individuals appearing before the Residential Tenancy Branch.

For example, we provide assistance with the following matters:

  • Contesting an eviction.
  • Disputing an illegal rent increase.
  • Seeking compensation for one’s loss of quiet enjoyment (e.g. illegal entries, incessant noise, etc.).
  • Seeking an order for repairs.
  • Recovering a security deposit.
  • Appearing at a hearing.


Do you need representation before the Residential Tenancy Branch?

Contact us by phone at 604.482.3195 ext. 1500 (toll-free number: 1.877.762.6664 and dial immediately 1500) or by email at

If you leave us a voice mail, please indicate your name, contact information, and availability for a call back. One of our volunteers will give you a call back within two business days. The volunteer will ask you questions to understand your legal issue and determine whether we can help. 

Please understand that the volunteers answering the Residential Tenancy Program’s line are not lawyers and cannot provide summary legal advice over the phone.   

Do you need general information about your rights, legal advice or assistance with a judicial review?

The Residential Tenancy Program focuses on providing representation to people who need to appear at a hearing before the Residential Tenancy Branch. If you are seeking legal information, legal advice, or to appeal a Residential Tenancy Branch decision, please consider the following resources instead: 

Information on Tenancy Law

Other programs and organizations providing free legal information and representation:

  • APB’s Summary Legal Advice Program: 604.878.7400 or 1.877.762.6664.
  • PovNet:  “Find an Advocate” tool available
  • UBC LSLAP: 604. 822. 5791 -
  • TRAC (Tenants only): contact information above
  • CLAS (Judicial Reviews): 604.685.3425
  •  provides online advocacy support in the areas of income assistance, disability, tenancy and housing, and other income supports.

RTP Video:

Interested in Volunteering? 

Lawyers, articled students, law graduates, and law students interested in joining the RTP can register online (see link below), contact us by email at or by phone at 604.482.3195 ext. 1500.