Resources for the Public

For the public, there are many excellent resources that support our free legal services, or serve as alternatives to our free legal services. These include resources from other legal service providers, the internet, and printed materials.

Law Areas (to categorize the issue that the lawyer will be assisting our client with) 

We encourage you to contact a number of other legal service providers as you seek legal help beyond what we are able to offer.
If you cannot or prefer not to seek a lawyer's assistance with your legal issue, you may always research your legal issue yourself. BC offers a great number of online resources to help you access the materials, forms and knowledge required to resolve your legal issue.
If you are a member of a small non-profit organization that operates in BC or if you seek to start a new non-profit organization in BC, we may find a lawyer or law firm to assist, inform or educate your organization.
APB is proud to be a sister organization to several other provincial pro bono organizations across Canada. Our organizations often co-administer national project and conferences.