Solicitors' Program

The Solicitors’ Program is designed to facilitate the provision of pro bono legal services to charitable and non-profit community organizations of limited means.

Through the Solicitors’ Program, APB staff receive requests from community organizations throughout the province, and then endeavour to match each request to a roster lawyer within workable reach. APB staff screen requests for eligibility, connect community organizations to lawyers, and provide ongoing support and resources to roster lawyers.

Roster lawyers provide legal advice and assistance to community organizations in all areas of non-profit law, including incorporation and by-laws, registrations for charitable status, employment matters, contracts and lease agreements.  Roster lawyers also conduct seminars on such topics as board of directors’ liability, privacy policies and board governance.

Note on the new Societies Act: the new BC Societies Act will be in force as of November 28th. Our Solicitor’s Program is available to match organization’s with pro bono lawyers to assist with the transition, but for updated information, workshops and other Frequently Asked Questions about the new act, go to