Wills Clinic

APB, in partnership with the provincial Ministry of Attorney General, operates a weekly Will and Representation Agreement preparation clinic at the Vancouver Justice Access Centre for low-income seniors (ages 55+) and people with terminal illnesses.

APB’s weekly Wills Clinic is held each Wednesday from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the Justice Access Centre at the Vancouver Courthouse at 800 Hornby Street.

Trained lawyers and articling students draft and execute simple Wills and Representation Agreements for low-income seniors (ages 55+) and people with terminal illnesses by appointment only. *Note: Asset test is applicable to Wills Clinic clients. 

To book a Wills Clinic appointment, please call 604-424-9600 or email willsclinic@accessprobono.ca.  Please also read the following documents before attending your interview.  

For Initial interview:

1. When you see a lawyer about making a will

2. Organ donor registry fact sheet

For Sign off:

1. About your will

2. Wills notice form


Mobile Wills Clinic