Wills Clinic

APB, in partnership with the provincial Ministry of Attorney General, operates a weekly Will and Representation Agreement preparation clinic for modest and low-income people over the age of 55, and people with terminal illnesses.

Access Pro Bono’s Wills Clinic reopened in August 2020 to provide clients, who are over 55 years of age or terminally ill, with wills, representation agreements, and enduring powers of attorney, during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To confirm your eligibility please email willsclinic@accessprobono.ca, or leave a voicemail at 604.424.9600, with your contact information.  To learn more about the eligibility requirements, select this link.

You can download this information collection sheet to get an idea of the types of information we will ask you to provide.  If you have questions about completing the information collection sheet, please let us know.

Initial meetings are held on Wednesdays between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.  Only eligible persons with completed information collection sheets will be scheduled for an initial meeting with a lawyer.  

After an initial appointment, if a lawyer finds your circumstances are suitable, they can draft a will representation agreement, or enduring power of attorney for you.  If the lawyer also finds you are suitable candidate, they can execute your documents with you over a video conference meeting.

In preparation for executing wills, representation agreements, or enduring powers of attorney over video conference, the Wills Clinic has prepared the following guides:


For additional reading on wills, personal and advanced care planning, including on preparing wills, representation agreements, and enduring powers of attorney, see the following online resources: