Civil Chambers Program

Our Civil Chambers Program provides free legal assistance and representation to low- and modest-income individuals who are appearing in civil (non-family) chambers matters before the BC Supreme Court in Vancouver.

Pro bono service
Civil (non-family) chambers litigation matters
BC Supreme Court in Vancouver
Low and modest-income individuals

Civil Chambers hears all interlocutory applications leading up to a BC Supreme Court trial (i.e. brought within an existing proceeding). This includes applications for interim orders, preliminary matters and procedural matters. These applications can help to move a case forward, but usually don’t result in a final decision. 

If you've already filed a civil claim or had a claim filed against you, our Civil Chambers Program can assist you with:

  • Scheduling a hearing or appearance in Chambers;
  • Representation at a Chambers hearing; and
  • Representation at an appearance leading up to a trial. 

Our Civil Chambers Program cannot assist you with:

  • Representation at trial;
  • Commencing a claim (such as drafting and filing a Notice of Civil Claim);
  • Providing summary legal advice*; or
  • Providing long-term legal representation on a matter.

As an individual (and not a representative of an organization or company), you may call (778)-357-1300 or email to determine your eligibility and book an appointment with a Chambers Lawyer. 

*If you need summary legal advice, you can contact our Summary Advice Program. It provides free 30 minute legal advice appointments for low and modest income individuals.