Summary Advice Program

Our Summary Advice Program offers free legal advice to low and modest income individuals by telephone, online or in person (as COVID safety permits) at one of several dozen clinics across BC. Our volunteer lawyers provide up to a half-hour of advice at each appointment, with the possibility of more appointments as needed.

Pro bono service
Full range of legal problems
Low and modest income individuals

Our volunteer lawyers provide free legal advice to low and modest income individuals on a full range of legal issues, including family, immigration, criminal, and civil law (such as debt, employment, welfare and housing matters).

A map and list of our normal in-person clinic locations are available here. In person service is currently on hold due to COVID safety concerns.

To book a clinic appointment, please call our Client Line at 1-877-762-6664 or fill out our Online Triage Form. To cancel a clinic appointment, please call 1-877-762-6664 and provide at least three business days' notice.


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