Everyone Legal Clinic

The Everyone Legal Clinic is a BC-wide and first-of-its-kind public interest law incubator that launched in May 2022. The Clinic engages and fosters a diverse group of 25 articling students and 5 new notaries in offering a full range of free and affordable legal services to everyone in BCwherever they're located.

"Services for everyone, justice for all"

Launched May 2022
Pro bono and affordable fixed rate services
Accessible to all British Columbians
Everyone Legal Clinic


The Everyone Legal Clinic is now accepting notary applications for its notary service year beginning October 31 2022, and articling applications for its articling year beginning May 15 2023.


Scholarships and bursaries are available to ELC articling students in financial need during the learning semester.


Read ELC's 2022 Call for Notary Applications


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Read ELC's 2022 Call for Articling Applications


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In May 2022, the Clinic launched as an experiential learning centre for articling students and new notaries, and as a solo and small firm incubator for practitioners who provide affordable legal services to underserved communities across BC.

Each year, the Clinic will engage dozens of professional mentors, 15 supervising lawyers and one administrator to remotely train, supervise and support 25 articling students and five new notaries over two six-month semesters.

The Clinic aims to:

  1. Increase access to affordable and high quality legal services in communities throughout BC;
  2. Increase professional capacity for public interest legal service throughout BC, particularly in underserved communities;
  3. Provide a new generation of BC legal service providers with the substantive knowledge and practical skills (including practice management, cultural competency and human relationship skills) required to thrive in highly adaptive forms of public-minded legal practice;
  4. Improve equity, diversity, working conditions and quality of education in BC’s lawyer and notary training systems, and reduce unmet need for articling positions in BC;
  5. Promote new virtual, fixed fee and modular forms of legal practice.

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